TLC Testing is a service, which marks official English language Tests in view of taking the official exam within the next three months.

Currently, TLC provides 3 types of services.




A FULL MOCK service is a series of 4 tests made up from past exam papers. We provide the grading for exams which validate officially English Language levels such as: KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS & TOEFL.

The students sit 2 MOCKs back to back (within a two week framework) so as to enable TLC TESTING to identify the student’s four weakest points and determine what needs to be studied in order to improve their English before taking MOCK 3.

After MOCK 3, TLC TESTING re-evaluates and identifies which next four points need to be worked on in order to to prepare for the final MOCK. The student should then know with relative certainty what grade they would get on the exam they will be sitting for. Students use this service if they feel they need to improve their English before taking the official exam but would like to know exactly what they need to work on to improve. Students also may have been directed by a private tutor and we will provide the private tutor with the feedback.

The ASSESSMENT service is used by students wanting to know if they are eligible to apply for English speaking universities. The service also informs students of how many hours of exposure they would need to qualify. We are often recommended by the student’s Educational Counselor and we forward the results to them directly.

Student’s language learning level is assessed in terms of reading – writing – listening and speaking and determines the students CEFR English language level. It also identifies where the student is at with regards to the different language expectations and determines the student’s next steps in learning.

The MOCK service grades one past MOCK test of the exam the student wishes to take within the next three months.(KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS TOEFL).

This gives the student a rough idea if they are able to pass the test or not. Students who use this service usually use it before signing up for an official exam.

Tests are taken mainly to identify a student’s present English Level. This allows students to know if they are eligible for entry in an English speaking university or they need to improve their level. This also gives students visibility. We recommend all students in Second to take a test in order to ensure they know their present English language level and plan should it be too low.

Practicing MOCKS to sit an exam in the near future is a good idea in order to structure your learning if you prefer to work alone or have a tutor you enjoy working with that does not know the grading scheme of the exam you are planning on taking.

If a student wishes to determine more exactly what grade they would obtain if they took a specific test then they would have to sit at least two MOCKS by signing up to TLC assessment.
TLC has over 14 years experience in grading students taking official exams as well as baseline assessments. We have assessed over 10 000 tests.



  • To evaluate present possible grades

  • Identify weak points to improve before exam

  • Evaluate improvement

  • Fast grading possible (extra fee)



  • This is one mock test
  • Determine CEFR English level and how many learning hours needed to achieve your personal objective
  • Cost can be reimbursed if the student sends TLC a copy of an official English language level taken within three months of sitting our assessment
  • Fast grading possible (extra fee)


  • This is a series of two MOCK tests

  • To evaluate present possible grades

  • Fast grading possible (extra fee)

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