TLC Testing is a marking service provided for students who need reliable professional assessors to give them visibility with regards to their English language level and by consequence their English language learning. 

Currently, TLC provides 3 types of services.




The Baseline Assessment is a  service TLC provides for students who do not have a recent official validation of their  English language Learning Level and wish to enter TLC.

Students with a recent (within three months) certification are exempt from paying for the Baseline assessment.

The Baseline Assessment will accurately qualify each student on one of the many TLC English courses.

Students signing up after completing the baseline assessment will have the fees deducted from the TLC yearly fees.

The ASSESSMENT service is used by students wanting to know their English language level rapidly and determine if they are eligible to apply for English speaking universities. We recommend all highschool students in 3ieme or early on in 2nd to take this assessment as it gives visibility and the possibility to react in time for university applications.

The service also informs students of how many hours of exposure they would need to achieve their required level. We are often recommended by the student’s Educational Counselor and we forward the results to them directly.

Students who take an Assessment with us and send us their official grade transcript of their IELTS or TOEFL within three months will be reiembursed the cost of the ASSESSEMENT.

The MOCK service is destined for students who are planning on taking an official English language level exam in the near future and would like to know their potential score as well as areas to work on.

This service grades one past MOCK test of the exam the student wishes to take.(KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS TOEFL).

This gives the student a rough idea if they are able to pass the test or not.

Students who take a MOCK with us and send us their official grade transcript from the official exam within three months will be reiembursed the cost of the MOCK.


Taking an ASSESSMENT will identify a student’s present English Level. This allows students to know if they are eligible for entry in an English speaking university or they need to improve their level. This also gives students visibility. We recommend all students in Second to take this test in order to ensure they know their present English language level and plan should it be too low.

Practicing MOCKS to sit an exam in the near future is a good idea in order to structure your learning if you prefer to work alone or have a tutor you enjoy working with that does not know the grading scheme of the exam you are planning on taking.

If a student wishes to determine more exactly what grade they would obtain if they took a specific test then they would have to sit at least two MOCKS by signing up to TLC assessment.
TLC has over 14 years experience in grading students taking official exams as well as baseline assessments. We have assessed over 10 000 tests.



  • To establish your present English language Learning Level.
  • To have a picture of your reading and writing skills upon entry at TLC. 
  • To correctly qualify you on your first course with TLC.


  • This is a two hour test
  • It determines the  CEFR English level and how many learning hours needed to achieve your personal objectiv
  • Cost can be reimbursed if the student sends TLC a copy of an official English language level taken within three months of sitting our assessment
  • Fast grading possible (extra fee)


  • This is one sitting from 2-4 hours depending on the test.

  • To evaluate present possible grades

  • Fast grading possible (extra fee)

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